Innovative. Artsy. Experienced. Heart-felt.
Graphic Design
The usual? Yes and no... Yes: in that I design: logos, re-branding, cards, flyers, posters, signage, brochures, ads, booklets, packaging design, t-shirts, custom card decks, etc., etc. No: in the sense that I’m not just a designer. I am a thinker, a creator, and a visionary. When I design anything, I am as concerned with how it will ‘work' and be received as I am how beautiful and perfect the visuals are.

Before/during/after being a designer, I am an artist. It is a gift I share with my clients. I have painted original canvases for posters, hand drawn shirt designs, lettering, logos, decks of cards… The hand creation process is effortlessly woven into many of the designs I create. This is a style that allows you the opportunity to be unique beyond unique, and have the frequency and love of intentional art created specifically for your business.

I love print...any kind of print...from paper to t-shirts. I have a deep love of paper and specialty printing processes. Trees and Mother Earth are some of my best friends…so if something is going to print, you better believe it is going to be beautiful and mindful in every way. I have long standing relationships with a network of printers that can do just about anything we can dream…as well as printing something ‘normal’ extraordinarily well.

Custom Apparel + Promotional Products
My love of print and printing processes extends into custom apparel. As much as I love paper, I love fabric. You attract that which you love, so there is no shortage of experience in translating design to wearables.

I create web graphics and digital pdf e-books that carry the consistency of your brand and messaging across all platforms. However, you have likely gathered that I am a designer/artist, not a webmaster/programmer. I will connect you with the specialists you need for this part.

I am an innate problem solver, from conceptual down to the nuts and bolts of how something attaches, or can be packaged, folded, etc. Writing is also a skill I have both honed and enjoyed over the years. I can help you craft positive and engaging messaging/copy for any audience.

I'm here for you
I stick to normal M-F business hours. I communicate promptly during my office hours. I appreciate you and I treat you as I myself desire to be treated. I am huge on communication and I strive to make sure you are informed and involved in the process (as much or as little) as you desire to be. I enjoy sharing knowledge with my clients in areas (of my expertise) that are beneficial. Each and every client matters to me and I desire to support you in attaining the greatest success you can fathom.

Desire to begin a conversation?
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Have a beautiful day! Kirsten