As a human, we sort through the massive amount of information that we are bombarded with by simplifying it down into association.
Let me use the example of FedEx. See? It is already shorted from Federal Express to FedEx. When was the last time you told someone you were going over to mail something at Federal Express? My guess is that you said, “I’ve gotta run by FedEx…”.
When the vehicle pulls up to your house, you see the orange and purple logo on the white truck. The actual word FedEx is completely unnecessary because you recognize the visual cues of what this is. Long ago you made the association between the “look” and the service that you would receive.
Time after time you receive packages in this way and this creates feelings. From your personal experience, what are your default feelings about FedEx (insert any company here)? Have you had pleasant experiences and often receive packages of beautiful things? Or does the FedEx truck represent work and unpleasant overnight packages of laborious documents?
What your feeling relationship is with a company will absolutely influence where you choose to spend your money.