Change is the double edged sword- we love it and we hate it. Yet, the only constant IS change. It feels as if the world itself is speeding up and there is so much change, some days (weeks, months) it is hard to digest it all.
A good brand and marketing strategy, paired with consistent visual cues creates as sense of stability for your consumer.
Have you ever taken a look at your own personal brand loyalty?
What is brand loyalty?
“I love this product/service so much that I will buy this brand no matter what” until...
1) I incur a disappointment so big that it overrides my devotion
2) a trusted source sways me to try something different
I'm always interested to look at my own brand loyalties. Why am I loyal?
It is in my genes (yes, I have been labeled as a maven and a perfectionist more than once) that I appreciate products that are well designed, consistent yet creative from year to year, and built with the intention to last a very, very long time.
The underlying reasons of why people become brand loyal are just as unique as people themselves. But the one ‘consistent’ is that people are depending on you to be ‘consistent’ with whatever ‘consistent’ they fell in love with in the first place. Get my point? We are back full circle to hearing that ‘consistent’ labored sigh when too much 'change' shows up…
To a business, brand loyalty is gold. These brand loyalists become your very best advertising source because they do your advertising for you. As a designer and visual communicator, it is my job to visually reflect the trust and value you have in your own company so that you may attract the people that just “love you”!