I came onto this planet filled with innate grand intentions of how I could contribute in inspiring others to be more aware, more loving and less segregated in feeling, thought, and action. Studio Kerr was born in my in my last year of graphic design school in 2004.
The consistent (and original) vision for Studio Kerr is always to see, honor and express the uniqueness of each and every client through their graphics and marketing materials in the highest frequency possible. I created Studio Kerr so that I would always have the freedom to do business in full transparency and create in alignment with my highest standards.
Every client we work with is special to me.
Our clients are people that are passionate about the work they have chosen and are truly contributing positively to the world with the business they are pursuing.
I’m going to spare you of the design and marketing jargon that is essentially meaningless. What is meaningful is I have a great gift in creating visual communication. I implement knowledge of the design field that only years of experience can teach. I care as much about the way the visuals look/perform as I care about my clients' success. My clients' goals are my priority.
I am the one picking up the phone. I am the one making sure it is delivered exactly as you envisioned it. I am the one that wakes up in the middle of the night with the next great inspiration for your project.
After over 15 years in Kaua'i, Studio Kerr is now based in the Sedona/Flagstaff, AZ area. Studio Kerr is fluent in working with clients both locally and remotely.
Kirsten Klaus: founder/creative director/visual communicator

Let me get through the perfunctories…I got my fancy piece of paper (BS in Graphic Design), with honors, from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh back in 2004. However, just like anything, it is the practicing, the loving, and the honing of a craft that is most important. Between my own design studio (Studio Kerr), working for well-established marketing/design companies and designing for the largest real estate marketing firm in Hawai'i, I have had the opportunity to create for a huge array of clients and their varied projects… indoors to outdoors…huge to tiny…traditional and so not so…
No matter what I am doing or with whom I am working, Studio Kerr has always been involved. In my 30th year, I became deeply disillusioned with designing for commercial marketing purposes. Yes, it was one of those 'what in the heck am I doing here?' periods. Perhaps an early mid-life crisis? Nah…that comes later…lol.
What manifested was that Studio Kerr housed 4 years of me painting a prolific outpouring of abstract expressionism. I had exhibitions, sales, and luckily that super valuable skill of designing self promotion pieces.
And then a strange thing happened…one day I woke up and had nothing more to say (in paint that is). I thought it was just a phase...it was and it wasn’t. The ‘nothing more to say’ stayed and painting fervently could now be defined as 'a phase’.
At some point we have all had what you might label as an 'identity crisis'…so I went Heart searching.
My search led me back to the Earth and I embarked upon an amazing opportunity to work with a world-renowned landscape designer that united my love of design and the plants and trees. That opportunity led to the next as I became the lead farmer on a unique permaculture herb farm where beauty was as important as productivity and my marketing and design expertise was tapped into daily for company growth.
And...life changes...and all things eventually complete their course...
As I mentioned before, it has always, always, always been of utter importance to me that I use my gifts to help spread more love and awareness throughout the world.
It became undeniably clear that I must return full time to my original training and path of graphic design. And I am so happy I did.