Kirsten Klaus: graphic designer, aka visual communicator

'What we say and how we say it creates the world in which we live.'
I got my fancy piece of paper, with honors, from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh back in 2004. But just like anything, it is the practicing, the loving, and the honing of a craft that is most important. Between my own design studio (Studio Kerr), working for well-established marketing/design companies, and designing for the largest real estate marketing firm in Hawai'i, I have had the opportunity to create for a huge array of clients and their varied projects… indoors to outdoors…huge to tiny…traditional and so not so…
I deeply care about what I do. Running my own design studio allows me to have a personal relationship with my clients and pour my Heart into each and every project.
What is your intention? What do you & your business desire to say to the world? Are you speaking your Heart and your Truth in a way you are heard and understood? Are those to whom you are speaking taking positive action and supporting your business?
I find my inspiration in Nature, which means that everything I do respects the using of Her. Of course there is the obvious like printing with printers that use recycled papers and clean printing practices… and then there is the not so obvious, that I have spent years learning about. At the end of the day, I MUST feel good about what I do– for me, for you, and for the Earth.

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