Come on a little journey with me….let’s take a quick peek at a world without visual design.
I’m hungry, shall we go to the grocery first?
Wait…can we even get there safely without road and traffic signs?
How do we know it is a grocery store without the signage out front?
Let’s wander in and find out.
“Oh my goodness, every aisle is just white boxes….how am I to know the cereal from dishwasher powder?”
Expand imagination even more…everything is packaged identically…same shape, same size, same white cardboard box…shelf after shelf after shelf after shelf…
I am getting frustrated. So frustrated that I am going to walk out with nothing. I have no idea what anything is nor how much it costs.
Overwhelm can come in many forms - including too much information AND too little.
Those of us that are fortunate enough to have the gift of sight, rely on it heavily. What we see goes into our brain and translates into information and feeling. At the end of the day, the feelings are what guide us in our likes and our dislikes…and that directly correlates to the decisions that we make.