Likes and dislikes run so deeply through our psyche. For many, they come out in color and style preferences.
In the early 90s I was in junior high. High-waisted pants, pin legs, body suits, and neon colors were all the rage. Because of where this fashion fell in my life span, I automatically associated this style with the awkwardness of puberty, first kisses, and flat out junior high BS.
Well when high-waisted pants came back into style, it took me awhile to muster buying a pair. Why? Because I so heavily associated those ungainly feelings with the visual cues of that era.
I had to choose to break my ingrained bridge of feeling to be able to pull my pants high into my rib cage and not feel the memory of my braces digging into my upper lip.
Good brands (logos) are timeless. They do not rely on the whims of the current style. Instead they rely on simple, well thought out, clever, and solid design.
If I pull out a logo I designed 10 years ago and I still feel that it is good, then I know I have succeeded in my mission. Advertisements have more leeway to fly with the whims of “what’s in”, but the core base of your brand must always be your anchor and stand the test of time. For that is how you build trust.